Patient Forms & Insurance

Insurance and Fees

Dr. Rankin is contracted with Blue Cross of Idaho, Regence Blue Shield of Idaho, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Mountain Health Co-op, Ameriben, Independent Doctors of Idaho (IDID) and a few Aetna policies. Because there are some policies within these insurances that she is not contracted with it is critical that you contact your insurance provider to see if Dr. Eberharter Rankin is listed as a preferred provider.

Dr. Rankin opted out of Medicare in 2015. This means she cannot bill Medicare or any Medicare Advantage insurance. She is not able to accept Medicaid. If you have Medicare or an out of network insurance you may choose to be seen on a cash basis. After the initial visit, a cash appointment may be done by phone for patients at a distance. The cost of a 1 hour Functional Medicine consult is $300 for the initial visit and $200.00 for appointments thereafter if being seen on a cash basis. Phone follow up appointments on a cash basis are less expensive depending on the duration. All cash appointments must be paid for at the time of the visit. Please be prepared to pay your co-pay at the time of your visit if we will be billing insurance for you. Cash, check or credit /debit cards are all accepted.

Acupuncture visits are billed out as a combination of problem related medical visit and acupuncture. Regence requires a prior authorization for acupuncture, that Dr. Gail can arrange. This way she is familiar with the medical issue being treated prior to the acupuncture. She is happy to discuss the specifics of your situation after reviewing the New Patient packet.


All appointments are 1 hour long and offered at a variety of times on Tuesday through Thursday.

New Patients

Please pick the appropriate set of forms below for your needs. Print them off to fill out. You may mail them to PO Box 1043, McCall, ID 83638 or Fax to 208 686 8284. Dr. Gail will call you after she is able to review your information.



Smoke and Fragrance Free Office

Dr. Gail is not able to see patients who smoke as she is allergic to cigarette smoke. The office is fragrance free also due to reactivity of many people with chronic health issues to scents, even natural ones. Please refrain from using scented lotions, soaps, shampoos etc on the day of your appointment.