My mission is to educate and empower those interested in solving chronic health problems and optimizing their long term health.

After 40 years I have retired from the practice of Medicine and Acupuncture. My body, mind and spirit were ready and I am finding great joy in the flexibility of my day and the seasonal gifts of Mother Nature.  I continue to be very interested in preventing health problems and honoring the gifts we are given. As a way to stay in community with like minded people, I have started a blog to share and update a variety of information on functional medicine topics and beyond. Subscribing is free with the link below. I remain a licensed physician in Idaho and a certified practitioner by the Institute for Functional Medicine since 2013.


Supplements in General

Over the past few years it has become very evident that  a quality assurance program is essential for any company manufacturing supplements.

Recent studies have shown that about 70% of all supplements do not have what they say is in them or have significant contaminants.

We have a questionnaire that you can send to any manufacturer which asks for the specifics of their quality control process.

Ideally we should be getting all our nutritional needs from our food. For the following reasons this does not always happen and more concentrated amounts of various nutrients are needed:

Our soil is depleted and the foods do not contain the proper nutrients.

The aging process, use of antibiotics, stress, and a variety of toxins  decrease our ability to make stomach acid and digestive enzymes which are essential for absorbing  nutrients. These must often be corrected for supplements to be absorbed as well as nutrients.

Imbalances of the digestive tract including yeast overgrowth, lack of normal bacterial and excess allergens in the diet cause inflammation and difficulty processing our food. Genetic and environmental differences affect our levels of toxin accumulation and the processing of nutrients.