Herbs and Supplements


Over the past few years it has become very evident that  a quality assurance program is essential for any company manufacturing supplements.

Recent studies have shown that about 70% of all supplements do not have what they say is in them or have significant contaminants.

We have a questionnaire that you can send to any manufacturer which asks for the specifics of their quality control process.

Ideally we should be getting all our nutritional needs from our food. For the following reasons this does not always happen and more concentrated amounts of various nutrients are needed:

Our soil is depleted and the foods do not contain the proper nutrients.

The aging process, use of antibiotics, stress, and a variety of toxins  decrease our ability to make stomach acid and digestive enzymes which are essential for absorbing  nutrients. These must often be corrected for supplements to be absorbed as well as nutrients.

Imbalances of the digestive tract including yeast overgrowth, lack of normal bacterial and excess allergens in the diet cause inflammation and difficulty processing our food. Genetic and environmental differences affect our levels of toxin accumulation and the processing of nutrients.

Purchase products through our HealthWave virtual dispensary.
The links above to Fullscript and Xymogen allow you to order the highest quality supplements from companies that meet Dr. Gail’s quality criteria. The link allows you to receive a 15% discount from both Fullscript and Xymogen. They both offer free shipping above minimum order amount. Dr. Gail is no longer able to stock supplements to be sold at the office. She does offer samples of several supplements to make sure they are tolerated prior to purchase.

Dr. Gail will review your supplements for quality assurance and can make suggestions if you are looking for something you cannot find on either website. You may create a Fullscript account with your name and email address. The Wholescripts/Xymogen site requires the use of the office code which is geberharter. 

We rarely get the 6 – 8 recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day.